Sunday, June 19, 2011

Illamasqua: Cream Blusher

Left - Right: #Dixie, #Seduce

Why I love it:
  • These cream blushers are exactly what I'd imagine them to be. Creamy in texture and easy to blend. I first tried this cream blusher during one of the Illamasqua event I was invited to and fell in love with it. instantly. 
  • Working the cream blush is really easy just rub some pigment onto your fingers and dot them to the area you want on your cheeks and blend. I also like to use a stripling brush and gently buff and blend for a natural finish
  • Pigment wise, these blushes are a dream to work with, if I were to rate them I'd say their pigment level is easily a 9 out of 10 (10 being maximum pigment). What you see in the package will be the exact colour on your cheeks.
  • Do I like them? Hell yes, you bet! I'm not a fan of liquid/cream blush for the longest time because the longevity and blotchiness is usually the main issue. You won't have any of those issue with these blushes. They are HG worthy blush products. 
  • My only dislike bit about this blush is the packaging. It's one of those packaging that requires you to slid your nail in between this tiny slot to pull the lid open. As a result, most often than not, this contributes to chipped nails.
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