Sunday, September 11, 2011

Men’s Hairstyles Trends for Spring/Summer 2012

The Spring-Summer 2012-fashion shows completed, it is time to get to the next page as hairdressing.  Next year will be cut 60's she still popular?  The line on the side Will it still a must?

Here 20 photos of male models from spring/summer 2011-2012 fashion shows with trendy hairstyles for the next S/S.

Here cons: Adam Kimmel

In town, is as well as along the beach.  Wrapped gel along the length, the hair is slightly wavy and gives the impression that we just dipping.

Band of Outsider

Tired of your hair curly?  You're welcome.  It plays the card of the flexible loop keeping long locks on the top of the head, but by controlling the sides.


The fringe in the masculine still has a bright future ahead of it.  While she ran to ruin because of a man named Justin Bieber.  We prefer to forget and say that is, the fringe is cool.

Calvin Klein

you have straight hair?  Opt for hairbrush, simply placed with a dab of gel.  Apparently, this look back in force.

By the sea, cutting-length wavy turns out to be one of the easiest to maintain.

Costume National
we thought we had reached the limits of sculpture capillary Giabiconi Baptiste, it was wrong.  Costume National on the podium, bananas exposed version overwritten.

DSquared ²

for sunny days, we shifted the play with bits of it back and swollen peroxidized.But bewares of chlorine if you do not want to turn your color to green.

Dries Van Noten
the hair cream remains a key trend.  However, no way to get a look at John Travolta Grease period.  No.  We plate everything and it makes no tif no more.

We definitely believe the has-been, but parted in the middle makes a comeback.  Especially when it comes to boosting a small square court.

Jil Sanders

Even miles away from the beach, you pretended to leave the water by any hair cream hair forward.

John Varvatos

A cup worked well without taking the head?  We opt for a square along with integrated lock on the side.


The traditional bowl cut of our childhood; we only keep the fringe in order to display a maximum straight fringe, cut into rounded above the eyebrows.  The cut in short Mr. Spok.

Louis Vuitton

let it be said, cutting Brandon Walsh, the hero of Beverly Hills will be on the rise next year.  Story seem a little less neat, we dare a slight variation aerodynamic directing the hair to one side or the other.


to be always wearing, we smooth the square back with gel applied to the comb.


we keep the length on top of the head for hair stand up, as Rockabilly.  Be careful not to turn Forban ...

Pringle of Scotland

Men in a hurry or not careful, go your way.  If the cup seems simple to perform, the wick smooth requires a long process.

Rick Owens

you’re ashamed of your ears?  Sublimate them and assume them.  That trend.

Bottega Veneta

It controls the loop, keeping more in length on top of the head 
than on the sides.

Alexander McQueen

With a beautiful natural hair, it drags things out, to do the hair slightly above the shoulders.


To gain character, we adopt the strict square, the length, once worked and smoothed frost, falls between the ears and chin.

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