Sunday, September 11, 2011

Miranda Kerr 'misquoted' over Coconut Oil, put the tablespoon down

Thumbnail image for miranda_kerr_cdfa.jpgA coconut oil frenzy has settled over the media right now: it's basically the new goji berry, after Miranda Kerr apparently told Cosmopolitan that she loves it and uses four tablespoons of the stuff a day.

This however, led to some backlash after nutritionists said that eating so much of it is dangerous - and now Miranda has revealed that that was a misquote anyway.

"I never did an interview with Australian Cosmopolitan magazine and unfortunately they have misquoted and misrepresented comments posted on my blog", she said. "When it comes to coconut oil, I personally find it beneficial and use approximately four teaspoons of coconut oil a day (in my salads and meals), not tablespoons."

Miranda added, "Everyone is different, but that is what works for me and I prefer it as a substitute to other oils more readily used in day-to-day food preparation and cooking. I suggest people consult with their health practitioner for what is right for them."

So guys - cool it on the coconut oil front!

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